​The music business is rapidly changing. They just don’t do things the way they did even two years ago.  Without professional guidance and inside knowledge, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with what’s going on.
Through our individualized consulting services, we'll give you up to the minute advice and insight to help you make the best decisions with your career. 
We offer more than just management, more than just advice.  We become your partner in creating a strategic plan that works best for you. Whether you’re just beginning and needing to “learn the ropes” or you’re a seasoned professional wanting a competitive game plan, we can help.  We’ll advise, create, open doors, offer choices and bring you to a level you might not reach otherwise.
​Please contact us for more information about our monthly consulting plan.

A few of the topics we cover...

• Artist Development 

• Career Advice & Strategic Planning •

• Press Kits & EPKs (bios, fact sheets) • 

• Publicity and Advertising Campaigns •

• Marketing & Business Plans •

• Touring Assistance •

• Distribution Solutions

(digital & physical product) •

• Creative Direction & Guidance  (recording process; song selection; photo shoots, web development) • 

• Music Publishing Advice •