Getting "discovered" is a long dead myth of the music industry. An artist doesn't get "found" and then have a career take off. A career is the culmination of many factors and decisions that all add up to appear that an artist got "discovered" and took off. It never works that way. The music business of today is NOT the music business of a few years ago.

A major label will only sign an artist if they already have:
- Significant sales
- Significant fan base and numbers
- TV exposure or buzz of some kind
- An investor who will absorb label costs, recording costs, promotions costs and more.
We can save you decades of wasted time, money and mistakes. We can help you work SMARTER not harder.

Can you help me find original songs to record?

How do I get "discovered?"

What should I do first?

You can’t get anywhere recording in a local studio with local musicians. Amateur recordings won’t hold up or be able to compete on a professional level. Professionals will turn off your music in two seconds if it doesn’t sound professionally recorded.

You get what you pay for. If you waste a few hundred dollars on sub-standard recordings that can't compete and won't sell, what is the point?

"I know a studio that will record for a few hundred dollars."

"If someone believes in me..."

Yes. We offer the best in professional consulting services to help you make the best decisions and avoid the many pitfalls and potential mistakes in the music business.

Yes. We can help you access hit songwriters, music publishing companies and many other sources for great material to record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guide me after my project is recorded?

You need professionally recorded music. Without professionally recorded music that accurately represents you as an artist, you are not even at the starting line.

Once you say, "I'm a singer" the next thing anyone wants to know is,"How can I hear your music?"

If that first few seconds, if music doesn't grab their attention, the listener is going  to skip to the next thing. If that listener is a professional who could help your career or a potential lifelong fan, you've just blown your opportunity.

Your music must grab people immediately.

Ah, the age old myth of "If someone believes in me, they should invest and pay for everything."

This may be true much, much later in an artist's career. First, you have to demonstrate how you're going to make that person money. That's why anyone invests in make money.

If you don't have top quality music to represent you, how is anyone supposed to know what you do? How would anyone know what kind of artist you are?

You have to make the initial investments in your career.

Why does recording cost what it costs?

If you want to compete in the highly competitive business of music, your songs have to sound as better than the competition. This is a business and why should the customer buy your song over another artist's song? Yours has to beat the competition.

Someone has to pay the drummer, the guitar player, the producer, the studio, the engineer. People deserve to be paid for their hard work, years of experience that help you succeed and artistic ability that put you over the top and make your music competitive. No one should work for free, least of all the person putting it all together for you.

In addition, the musicians' union sets the rates for sessions. There is a standard requirement for the amounts paid to musicians.